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Starred Gourmet Restaurant in Alsace, France

Creative cuisine,
a tribute to the contrasts of Alsace

As soon as you enter Le Chambard, the activity in the restaurant’s kitchen can be seen through large bay windows. The tone is set for transparency, verity, nature, Alsace, the authenticity of taste, and the values that can be found in the warm and refined atmosphere of the 2-star Gourmet Restaurant: “La Table d’Olivier Nasti”.

In this place, completely updated and reopened in April 2018, nature appears to have taken back its rightful place. An ancient Alsatian beam dominates the dining room, here and there wood from the surrounding forests blends into the walls, and each item of furniture has been hand-crafted by a skilled tradesman.

A true ode to nature, the magical setting and culinary inventiveness of the Chef and his second, Nicolas Carro, join forces with accuracy and precision, in the same way as the biotope that is so dear to Olivier Nasti. With his new “Expression” menu, Olivier Nasti signs a menu that is even more personal. Working with products in their entirety, studying textures and cooking methods, and paying close attention to sauces and decoctions, Olivier Nasti invites you to discover the right balance, one that takes us on a journey into a contemporary and delicious Alsace. 

Drawing his inspiration and desires from the rich diversity of surrounding areas, Olivier Nasti works with the best local farmers to ensure that each creation, is a direct emanation of the soul of Alsace. A signature cuisine that is sensitive and intrepid, guided by the treasures of Alsace without ever allowing itself to become closed off.

Maximum capacity: 40 persons.


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Olivier Nasti,
Best Craftsman of France

Know-how and sharing are the watchwords that guide the gastronomy of Olivier Nasti . The Chef has trained with may top establishments and Chefs, the values of which have branded the high-standard seal of his own culinary identity. Olivier Nasti nurtured his passion for cooking during the years spent training at the Château Servin in Belfort, with Olivier Roellinger in Cancale and with the Haeberlin family at the Auberge de L'Ill, the famous Alsatian Michelin restaurant.

Discipline, precision and high standards, the search for the right product and its enhancement, skill and techniques: these are all the qualities, the product of long and hard work, that led him to being chosen as the  Best Craftsman of France  in 2007. He received the famous blue-white-red collar, a distinction that fully expresses his desire to go even further and perform even better. Know-how and sharing are the watchwords that guide the gastronomy of Olivier Nasti .

Now, at the head of Le Chambard’s kitchens and, in particular, his 2-star Michelin restaurant , Olivier Nasti continues to pass on his knowledge, whether in the frame of associations, the training of young apprentices, or competitions for which he sits on juries, or books in which he shares his recipes and secrets.

Olivier Nasti was recognised as one of the top 100 best chefs in the world in November 2016 by the magazine Le Chef. In September 2017, the restaurant joined the association of Grandes Tables du Monde. .

Referenced awards:

  • 2005 - 1 star in the Michelin Guide®
  • 2007 - Title of Best Craftsman of France
  • 2009 - Gault & Millau d’Or, Villeroy & Boch Award
  • 2010 - “Favourite of the Year” by Lecoq Gourmand 
  • 2014 - 4 toques in the Gault & Millau®
  • 2014 - 2 stars in the Michelin Guide®
  • 2017 - Grandes Tables du Monde


Updating the image of a meat that is heavy and rich, the Chef has developed a cuisine that reflects his love for game, offering dishes that pay tribute to the delicacy and subtlety of its flesh. In the greatest respect for nature, Olivier Nasti hunts all the year round and follows the seasonality of the game that is available. In the spring and summer, deer feed on the flowers and fresh grass, therefore, the flesh is more refined and delicate.

Olivier Nasti hunts by stalking in the mountains, only taking game selected for its flesh that he uses in his kitchen. The aim is to know how to spot animals, recognise them and identify those that can be caught in order to understand how they live and what they eat.

Once in the kitchen, the meat will be served with seasonal products to reveal all their subtle qualities in a perfect harmonious presentation of Alsatian nature that combines the treasures of the valley and the character of the vineyards.

“By hunting, I gained knowledge essential for preparing game. It is healthy meat of exceptional quality.”

Olivier Nasti
If I was…. I would be

A vegetable : Chicory, I like its bitterness

A spice: pepper, a flavour enhancer that I like to use in my dishes

A herb : wood sorrel, used by mountain people to quench their thirst

A fruit : clementine

A dessert : vanilla, especially ice-cream for its freshness

A product from the sea : turbot-sole, noble fish, for their exceptional flavours when cooked

A dish : stag chops, tender and flavoursome

An alcoholic drink : Riesling, for its vivacity and freshness



The restaurant is open on Wednesday evening, and from Thursday to Sunday at lunchtime and in the evening.