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The Bakery
of Le Chambard in Kaysersberg 

Rue du tir, in a small shop within this prestigious house, the Bakery of le Chambard has been established.
This new gourmet place is in line with Chef Olivier Nasti's desire to go further and further in the creation, research of good tastes, excellence and quality of products.

The story of an encounter

It was a sincere encounter, a professional and friendly crush that gave birth to the project. Chef Olivier Nasti met Lulu, a baker from the Lower Alps, in his bakery in Digne-les-Bains: an exchange took place on the trade of each and their passion for gourmet food and work well done. The Chef of Le Chambard, curious about everything, daring and in love with good products - especially bread, a symbol of conviviality and sharing - sees this as an opportunity to discover the methods of the artisan bakers of yesteryear, which Lulu brings to life. Breads with the real taste of yesteryear, made with leaven, from flour obtained from the millstone and respecting precise and rigorous gestures, such as kneading by hand and the indispensable resting times, to delight. The successful challenge of a chef guided every day by the discovery and mastery of know-how and the pleasure of sharing.

The pleasure of finding back the good tastes of bread

The Bakery du Chambard offers a wide range of breads by the kilo, real loaves that keep perfectly and for a longer period of time and that will delight the greediest thanks to a dense and crispy caramelized crust, a controlled cooking and this light bitterness that characterizes the breads made in the artisanal tradition: country, rye, buckwheat, dansk, cereals, small spelt with less gluten...

"Savoir-faire & artisanat"

In order to learn the traditional know-how, to master the precise gestures by hand, to know the necessary raw materials, Chef Nasti joined Lulu in her bakery. Rémi, already a cook at Le Chambard and now the head baker of the house, followed an intensive training to improve his skills. Understanding how bread is made, to make this product in the purest tradition and to offer it to the clients of the restaurants and the hotel: a guarantee of quality and a pleasure to share, on which rests the very identity of this family and prestigious house.

The Kougelhopfs of the Bakery, even more taste!

It's the chef-baker Rémy who makes this famous Alsatian specialty: he has slightly adapted the classic recipe, always with the aim of delighting and offering a real gourmet moment. Three sizes for these Kougelhopfs - small, medium, large - plus flaked almonds and Gewurztraminer marc: the same frank and powerful tastes, to delight young and old! And the possibility of putting the hand in the dough, thanks to the mould with Kougelhopfs on sale, accompanied by the recipe.

The Chambard pastries, an invitation to indulgence…

Made by Jordan, the pastry chef at Le Chambard, the Boulangerie's pastries are a real invitation to indulge: masterful know-how, precise gestures, and a love of the products guide this enthusiast and his teams, who concoct brioches and puff pastry rolls, cookies, rolls, pains au chocolat, and croissants every day for the Boulangerie's clients, as well as for those of the Hotel. A perfect puff pastry and tastes that will delight the gourmets!


The Bakery is opene from the 17th august, from wednesdat to sunday, from 8 a.m to 1a.m. and from 15 p.m to 18h p.m
Order per  +33 3 89 47 10 17