The Chambard’s Winstub brasserie, traditional cuisine

traditional spirit

Authentic Alsatian dining

“Winstub” is the name given to traditional Alsatian brasseries, where you can enjoy home-cooked food and a glass of wine in a warm and friendly atmosphere. In Kaysersberg, Olivier and Emmanuel Nasti share this tradition with you at the heart of a completely authentic restaurant: typical Alsatian wine glasses with their long, green stems, light wooden furniture and chairs adorned with red and white gingham. Each detail helps to create the convivial ambience you will find at the Chambard’s Winstub brasserie.

The aim of this bistro is to present you with the best of Alsatian gastronomy through its quintessential dishes: the classic “choucroute garnie” accompanied by a glass of Riesling, the hearty “Baeckeoffe” dish, Munster cheese and more. Each ingredient and wine has been meticulously selected by the Nasti brothers in order to showcase the best products Alsace has to offer.


A la carte and set menus

Savour traditional cuisine using the emblematic products of Alsace at the Chambard’s Winstub brasserie: snails, foie gras, zander, pike, cockerel, duck, pork, veal, lamb, delicatessen meats, Munster cheese, plums, asparagus and more. This wide kaleidoscope of flavours is skilfully mastered in dishes at the heart of a menu that is Alsatian through and through, complete with chef Olivier Nasti’s signature twist of modernity.

Here you can discover the traditional “baeckeoffe” dish, comprising three different meats, slow cooked with potatoes and Alsatian wine, or the “choucroute royale”, onion tart, Coq au Riesling, head cheese made with fish and horseradish, Munster cheese flambéed in Gewurztraminer wine and more.

  • “Terroir” set menu at €32
  •  “Stub” set menu at €27
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Every Thursday, the Winstub invites you to its Baeckeoffe (or “backaoffa”) evening. Savour this quintessential Alsatian dish in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Three different meats (lamb, pork and beef) are slow cooked with spices and white wine in an Alsatian terrine dish, all accompanied by vegetables and potatoes. This is the ideal dish to share with friends and family, with a nice glass of Riesling, for example.

Please book at least 24 hours in advance if you would like to order this dish on any day other than Thursday.